This smart thermometer checks on your food for you—on sale just in time for a Memorial Day BBQ

TL;DR: Keep a constant watch on the grill with GrillEye® Max Smart Wi-Fi Enabled Wired Instant-Read Thermometer. It's available today for $69.99 (reg. $99.99).

With Memorial Day just around the corner, grill masters everywhere are excited as they get ready to dust off their grills that have lay dormant due to winter. Whether your preference is beef, chicken, or pork, the one constant in grilling perfection is the temperature at which items are cooked. A good thermometer can be the difference between succulent meats and ones as tough as rubber. 

This grilling season, score the ultimate grill assist with the GrillEye® Max Smart Wi-Fi Enabled Wired Instant-Read Thermometer. Take advantage of this 30% discount and snag it for $69.99 (reg. $99.99).

Grilling is a pastime that virtually everyone enjoys, but far too often, those on the grill usually end up so entrenched in conversation that they forget to keep an eye on the grill. 

That's where GrillEye® steps in. It's not just a thermometer, it's your grilling sidekick. It keeps an eye on the grill, freeing you to do other things such as enjoy your conversations or focus on other parts of the meal. When paired with the accompanying Hyperion app, it sends a notification to your smartphone when cooking is complete. The Hyperion app is compatible with Android and iOS devices equipped with Bluetooth v4.2.

When connected to meat, it can display two screens that show precise temperature (Fahrenheit and Celsius), the type of meat being cooked, battery life, Wi-Fi connectivity, and more. That information is relayed to mobile devices via the Hyperion app. With this level of precision, you can be confident that your meats will be cooked to perfection every time.

It also comes with USDA-ready presets, a custom timer and alarm and a battery that boasts up to 23 hours of usage time. Two clips for temperature readings and accompanying probe wraps, a microfiber cleaning cloth and a USB-C cable for charging come with purchase.

Remember that the thermometer only alerts you that your food is cooked—it doesn't turn the grill off for you! 

Make the most of your time on the grill this year with the GrillEye® Max Smart Wi-Fi Enabled Wired Instant-Read Thermometer, available for $69.99 (Reg. $99.99).

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