Sick of rising gas prices? Cruise around on this e-bike with 60% savings

TL;DR: This e-bike with 30mph speeds is on sale for $999.97 (60% off) through May 31 for Memorial Day. Add one to your cart now!

Tired of playing roulette with gas prices? Zip past the pumps and cut your commuting costs with an electric bike and find out how swapping four wheels for two can add a spark of joy and extra dollars back into your daily ride.

The Amalfi COASTAL electric bike is an excellent choice for low maintenance, top speeds, and affordability while it's on sale for $999.97 during this Memorial Day sale (reg. $2,499). Jump to checkout now before the price goes back up on May 31.

Charge up your electric cruiser at a regular old wall outlet in just two to six hours and hit the bike lane or sidewalk. Ride at speeds up to 30mph, faster than most e-bikes, and fight the urge to stick your tongue out at the drivers stuck in bumper-to-bumper traffic!

Your Amalfi COASTAL e-bike has a USB port that you can use to power up your phone on your way to work or the grocery store. Just keep an eye on the LED screen to make sure you have enough battery to get around. But, if it's ever drained completely, you can always pedal home.

Don't want to miss this price drop? Add one to your cart now and check out before May 31.

Even the maintenance of this bike is far easier than your car's, if there's any at all. Unlike a usual bike chain that needs to be lubricated, this one has a carbon belt that lasts up to five times as long. The same goes for the gears and brakes.

The biggest thing you might have to worry about is the assembly, though it arrives about 80% constructed. You can do it, though — just think of all of the gas savings and traffic-free cruises!

The fastest way to make the Amalfi COASTAL electric bike yours is by going directly to checkout. Get it on sale for $999.97 (reg. $2,499) during this Memorial Day sale ending on May 31 at 11:59 p.m. PT. No coupon is needed.

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