A TikToker tries to make "cute video" with her pup, but the doggo has other — more expensive — plans (video)

A TikToker wanted to make "a cute video" posing with her dog, but from the get-go, you can see that the pooch had other plans.

The video starts off with Nayte smiling into the camera, assuming her Australian shepherd, Marley, is doing the same. But no, as soon as the footage starts, Marley is seen intensely eyeing Nayte's glasses.

And then the excited pup can't hold back, licking her chops before quickly chomping on the frame of the glasses. She even cracks a lens while she's at it. And while her human gently scolds her, she curiously continues to stare at the odd plastic chew toy her human is wearing, planning her next move. (See video below, posted by Nayteintheclouds.)

Via Newsweek