An exhibition all about Nancy comics

If you're passing through Columbus, Ohio this summer and you've ever wondered how someone might go about making the perfect gag in a comic, you might just find something just near the solution at the Nancy Show at the Billy Ireland Cartoon Library and Museum. The creator of Nancy, that old-timey comic strip known for it's timeless little jokes, Ernie Bushmiller, confessed that even he could " never quite seem to find" the perfect gag. No way! I, for one, object. And strongly, at that! Bushmiller's a master of the gag, just look at these odd little wonders.

Comic book scholars (a job title I aspire to) have taken to studying the unique humor and serenity of the Nancy comics in excruciating detail. If you can't make it out to Columbus to see the exhibit which will feature original artwork, news clipppings and behind-the-scenes memorabilia, try out How to Read Nancy: The Elements of Comics in Three Easy Panels. (No relation to How to Read Donald Duck, I'm fairly certain) And if Fantagraphics is sold out of exactly the book you were looking for, just read some of the original comics over on Twi- ah, sorry, X.

Man, oh man if these don't beat all.