Good Gravy! They made a Thanksgiving-themed roller coaster

This isn't some AI-generated fantasy. There's a new roller coaster at Holiday World in Indiana that's real as canned cranberry sauce. It's called Good Gravy! and it's themed to, of all things, Thanksgiving. No joke.

The more mild-than-wild ride begins in a gravy boat-shaped train and takes you on a journey to "dodge gigantic kitchen accessories and ingredients, including a chicken timer, whisk, rolling pin, Koch Dairy bottle, and a box of Ruth's Stuffing."

It's even got a backstory:

Your journey begins at Thanksgiving dinner at Grandma Gracy's house (her sister, Abigail, spends her time at Gobbler Getaway). Grandma Gracy is renowned for her Good Gravy, and Grandpa Gavin is its biggest fan! This year for Thanksgiving, the unthinkable happens: the family runs out of gravy! It's up to you to help Grandma make more Good Gravy and save Thanksgiving dinner. 

If you go, be sure to also head to Stuffing Springs for the "dynamic hip hop" stylings of the "Gobble Groove Crew."

This all seems totally normal, right?? [via themeparkreview/Instagram]