New Nick Cave single just released, Frogs

Hyper prolific as always, Nick Cave's newest single does not dissappoint and is right in time with his upcoming tour. This number is a little more sprawling than Cave's iconic trudging fare. It's not a "Red Right Hand" or a "Jubilee Street". Hell, in comparison to those classics, the production on "Frogs" has a kind of optimistic, late-Beatles sound. The new turn is curious and might signal a cheery upcoming album. I said might. The other single off the eponymous album, Wild God, is also a little more comfortably in the psychadelic/major key department than Cave fans are used to.

The lyrics are still pretty grim, though. Don't worry, Nick Cave is always Nick Cave. Fratricide and atonement and freezing to death still make the broth in Cave's concoctions. Can't wait for the full meal in August!

Stream it here

Wild God tour tickets are on sale now!