University of Copenhagen divests from businesses in occupied Palestine following student protest

Student-run encampment protests in support of the BDS movement against businesses that operate in occupied Palestine have popped up across much of the world the last few months. Students in the US have faced expulsion, arrests and physical violence as a result of their participation in nonviolent protests. The reactions to these encampments from administration and the police have been surprisingly brutal, and as crackdowns on these demonstrations continue, it seems unlikely that certain universities will reach a decision that will result in the protestor's favor.

But perhaps Columbia University isn't the only example to base future results on. Nor NYU. Following a few weeks of protest, the University of Copenhagen actually agreed to the demands of the protesting student body. Trinity College Dublin also agreed to divest in early May.

The University of Copenhagen in Denmark has announced that it will be withdrawing investments from three companies that operate in occupied Palestinian territories.

Officials posted a statement on X on Tuesday, saying that investments worth one million Danish krone ($145,000) will be divested from Airbnb,, and eDreams ODIGEO.

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