5 years in jail for Jan 6 rioter who injured cop

John George Todd III, who injured a police officer during the Jan 6, 2021 riot on Capitol Hill and reportedly showed no remorse for his participation in it, is off to jail for 5 years.

After entering the Capitol, Todd repeatedly pushed against officers inside the Rotunda, ignored commands to leave and screamed profanities at police. Todd was carrying a fiberglass pole attached to a flag. When a Metropolitan Police Department officer tried to grab it from him, Todd and the officer wrestled for control of the pole until it splintered and cut the officer's hand. The officer, Noah Rathbun, needed seven stitches and missed nine days of work. Todd argued that the officer's injuries were self-inflicted.

He was convicted in February, his charges having been upgraded to felonies after footage identified him as the man who assaulted the cop, Noah Rathbun. Todd was discharged from the military due to a drinking problem and suffers from PTSD; his lawyer argued that he needs mental health treatment, not incarceration.

More than 1,400 people have been charged now with crimes related to their involvement in the riot at the U.S. capitol, with 900 so far sentenced and "roughly two-thirds" of those receiving prison terms. Many received only a few days or weeks inside, but those found guilty of seditious conspiracy, such as Proud Boy leader Enrique Tarrio, have decades inside to look forward to.

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