Trump "surprisingly incoherent" in Friday speech

In a Friday morning appearance at Trump Tower, a disheveled Orange Menace loosed a speech so befuddled as to be labeled "surprisingly incoherent" even for him.

CNN panelist and Bloomberg columnist Nia-Malika Henderson hit the nail on the head when she declares Trump's typically incoherent and punctuated with odd calls to "Mama" campaigning one-upped by this post-conviction real-life display of "Old man yells at cloud."

With the speech already labeled as "very disjointed" by host Erin Burnett, CNN Political Director David Chalian expressed dismay that he ducked out on what was supposed to be a press availability — and derisively labeled the event, "A venting session for a convicted felon."

That led Bloomberg columnist Nia-Malika Henderson to note Trump's attack on President Joe Biden's age, and point out Trump can't "really speak or put two sentences together."

"It was, I think, surprisingly incoherent; surprisingly all over the place. He wants to make this argument about age against Biden, but here he was looking, you know, kind of like an old man who was just ranting and raving in a self-involved way," she elaborated.


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