Elusive squid with biological headlights attacks undersea camera (video)

Researchers exploring the deepest parts of the ocean captured an incredible moment when an elusive squid species attacked an underwater camera. The scientists from the Minderoo-University of Western Australia (UWA) Deep Sea Research Center dropped a camera with bait attached down more than 3,000 feet just north of Samoa and were treated to the magnificent scene below.

That's a very rare Dana octopus squid (Taningia danae), called that because of its eight limbs.

"The squid, which was about 75cm long, descended on our camera assuming it was prey, and tried to startle it with is huge bioluminescent headlights," said marine geologist Heather Stewart.

The two lights—called photophores—on the tips of octopus squids' arms are the largest of its kind in the natural world.

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