"I was scared": Ex-GOP chair admits cowardice in signing fraudulent elector docs (video)

Like all MAGA folk who get caught trying to overthrow the United States, former Wisconsin GOP chairman Andrew Hitt is playing the victim card. Hitt claims he was hoodwinked into signing a document falsely stating that Donald Trump  won Wisconsin in 2020.

You'd think the head of the Republican Party in Wisconsin would have a firm grasp on reality. Well, actually no, you wouldn't. So of course he signed the fake elector documents. His excuse? He was scared of what Trump supporters might do if he didn't. "It was not a safe time," he told Anderson Cooper in an interview on 60 Minutes. "If my lawyer is right, and the whole reason Trump loses Wisconsin is because of me, I would be scared to death," Hitt said.

In other words, Hitt didn't believe in the fraud claims, didn't want to throw out absentee ballots, and yet signed off on a document that undercut the very democratic process he was supposed to uphold. Just the kind of person you want for the job!

To clear matters up, Hitt said, "We got specific advice from our lawyers that these documents were meaningless unless a court said they had meaning." So, he was just signing meaningless documents, huh?

When it's time for Hitt to write his book, he can call it Profiles in Tragicomic Cowardice.