Doggo loves her automatic ball thrower — until it runs out of balls. That's when her silly tantrum kicks in (video)

A Spanish water dog loves it when her automatic ball thrower plays fetch with her — until it runs out of balls, that is. That's when her anger issues flare up.

Forgetting the step where she's supposed to put the balls back into the machine, Cora throws a tantrum when the ball thrower suddenly refuses to play, stomping her paws up and down on the floor and frantically scratching the front of the machine.

"Cora, put a ball in there," her human keeps suggesting. But the pooch has better things to do than listen to her human ramble on, and when her human rolls a ball over to her, she immediately shoos the annoying thing away. Nothing will distract this pup from badgering the ball thrower until it finally gives in and plays with her again. (See video below, posted by skrajewski10.)

Via ParadePets
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