New museum of poop is wonderfully crappy

George Frandsen holds the Guinness World Record for the largest collection of coprolites, fossilized poop. When he was first recognized for this great achievement, he only owned 1,277 specimens. Now, with more than 8,000 in the collection, he's decided it's high time to open a permanent museum, or rather Poozeum, to display the dung.

The free museum located in Williams, Arizona promises that inside, you can "marvel at the sheer magnitude of thousands of real fossilized feces, including the eye-wateringly huge 'Barnum' – the largest ever discovered! Snap unforgettable selfies next to a 4-foot-wide titanosaur poop replica, explore coprolite wonders through vibrant carnival banners, and be awestruck by 'The Stinker' – a bronze masterpiece capturing the whimsy of a thoughtful T. rex perched on a toilet."

Frandsen, 45, says he first caught the coprolite bug after encountering one in a rock shop when he was still a teenager.

"Instantly, I found it both hilarious and fascinating," he tells UPI. "This sparked my curiosity, leading me to learn everything I could about coprolites. I soon realized that these peculiar prehistoric 'time capsules' offer direct insights into the diets, behaviors, and environments of ancient creatures."

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