White Wisconsin father charges Black high school superintendent during graduation as his daughter walks on stage (video)

A white Wisconsin father jumped on stage and charged a Black superintendent during a high school graduation, preventing his graduating daughter from shaking the man's hand.

And while the father was off stage with the school district employee, who could be heard off-camera saying, "Get away from me, bro!" his daughter awkwardly stood center stage, fidgeting and looking humiliated.

Naturally, chaos ensued, with the audience shouting and booing while a few people ran up and across the stage, apparently to help the situation. (See video below, posted by Keith Boykin.)

Eventually, police kicked the parent out of the auditorium, and have launched an investigation, according to WKOW.

From WKOW:

School District of Baraboo officials launched an investigation after a parent reportedly "interrupted [the high school's] graduation by charging the stage."

According to a statement from the district, the parent involved had a graduating senior at Baraboo High School. Law enforcement referred a disorderly conduct charge against them to the Sauk County District Attorney's Office. 

A district spokesperson said the Baraboo School Resource Officer (SRO) as well as two off-duty officers at the graduation ceremony "promptly assisted in managing the situation." Police escorted the parent off stage and out of the venue.