Candace Owens pivots to paleontology, calls dinosaurs "absurd"

Candace Owens, the modern-day Renaissance woman, has once again astonished us with another mind-blowing revelation: Dinosaurs are not real.

In 2018, she showed the world her expertise as a historian when she said, "If Hitler just wanted to make Germany great and have things run well, OK, fine."

In 2020, she donned her epidemiologist hat and left the world dumbfounded with her claim that Covid-19 was a hoax:

"Wish I could send @DonaldJTrumpJr a genuine "get well soon" message. but like millions of others Americans — he's perfectly healthy with absolutely no symptoms, despite a test telling him that he's sick. Most ridiculous scam in the entire world. Covid-1984."

And who can forget her brilliant venture into forensic pathology with her 2022 film suggesting that George Floyd died from an overdose, completely disregarding the official medical examiner's report and concrete video evidence? Or her insightful foreign policy analysis, proposing that the U.S. should invade Australia for being a "police state"?

Let's get back to the dinosaurs. Professor Owens has now decided that decades of scientific research and fossil evidence are "absurd." This week, she astonished the world with her well-researched discovery, putting renowned paleontologists like Jack Horner, Robert Bakker, Philip J. Currie, and Mary Schweitzer in their place. Her paper, published on Xitter, consists of just one sentence:

The older I get the more absurd the concept of "dinosaurs roamed the earth until a great big meteor hit" becomes to me.

It seems the only profession Candace Owens isn't an expert in is reality.

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