Trump: "If you don't have heaven, what's the reason? Why do I have to be good?"

Donald Trump shared his theological theories in a recent interview with Fox News.

When he was asked about his relationship with God, he said, "Okay, so I think it's good." But God is boring and he can't vote, so he quickly pivoted to his core demographic: "I do very well with the evangelicals. I love the evangelicals. And I have more people saying they pray for me. I can't even believe it."

The interview spirals into a darker realm when Trump pontificates on the his worldview: "When you look at all of this bad stuff going on, they have nothing to look up to. They have no God. They have no anything. They kill people. They beat people. They push people into subways."

Naturally, a lack of religion must be the root cause of all societal ills. It's not about systemic issues or economic disparities—it's the heathens, never religion, that messes everything up.

Finally, Trump gives us a peek into his moral compass: "You want to go to heaven, okay? You want to go to heaven. If you don't have heaven, you almost say, what's the reason? Why do I have to be good?" Translation: Why be good if there's no celestial reward? It's like telling a kid to eat their steamed cauliflower because Santa is watching.

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