Help your dad learn a new language (or 25!) with a Rosetta Stone subscription this Father's Day

TL;DR: Learn up tp 25 languages with a lifetime subscription to Rosetta Stone, available for only $151.99 (reg. $399) with the code ROSETTA through June 16 as part of our Father's Day Sale.

There are plenty of things you can get your dad for Father's Day, but why not buy him something that can really change his life? A language learning program gives someone a skill that's both useful and impactful, allowing them to travel more easily, converse with new people, get a taste of a new culture, and even expand their mental capabilities.

Picking up a new language doesn't need to involve expensive or time-consuming classes either. Instead, right now, you can score a lifetime subscription to Rosetta Stone (usually $399) for only $151.99 with the promo code ROSETTA, all thanks to our Father's Day Sale. With this kind of access, you can learn up to a whopping 25 languages!

Rosetta Stone, which has been named the best language learning software five years in a row by PC Magazine, is renowned for its approach to linguistics. Users are exposed to a new language the way native speakers are: You start by matching words with images, picking it up directly in your target language as opposed to automatically translating phrases.

From there, you'll move onto basic but important topics (think ordering a meal or using transportation) before embarking on more detailed lessons, using special speech recognition technology that'll give you speedy feedback on your accent and pronunciation. That way you can feel confident in your abilities to read, write, and speak. Learning a new skill has never felt simpler or more intuitive!

Rosetta Stone is also easy to fit into your daily schedule. The lessons are quick, fun, and engaging, and you can do them from basically anywhere, as the program is available on both the computer and your phone. No wonder Rosetta Stone was described as "the next best thing to living in a country" by Wall Street Journal!

Learn up to 25 languages with a lifetime subscription to Rosetta Stone, available now for only $151.99 with the code ROSETTA. But make sure to hurry: This Father's Day sale price only runs through June 16.

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