MAGA disciples chant obscenity in child-filled church to defend corrupt Trump

If you missed Donald Trump's sermon at a Phoenix church yesterday, here's the highlight:

"I don't like using the word 'bulls**t' in front of these beautiful children, so I won't say it," Trump declared, pointing to the offspring of his loyal disciples in the audience.

But instead of shielding their little ones from the horrors of explicit language in a house of worship, the congregation did what any group of very stable geniuses would do: they started chanting "BULLS**T! BULLS**T! BULLS**T!" in unison.

They were showing their loyalty to a man who has been revealed to be a convicted felon, an adjudicated rapist, a serial conman, a close friend and traveling partner of Jeffrey Epstein, and a sociopathic narcissist who tried to overthrow the United States. Their eagerness to scream profanities in a church in front of their children, to defend him tells you all you need to know about MAGA's moral compass.

It's no longer surprising that Trump's base is willing to sacrifice their dignity, their parental responsibilities, and apparently their vocal cords to their orange deity. Chanting "bulls**t" in defense of a man whose entire career is built on is admission that they don't care about anything other than making sure Trump become the supreme leader of their Christian Autocracy.