As institutional investors vote no on his $47 billion pay package, Elon says, "Look at this robot"

As institutional investors have realized that a Tesla without Pedo Guy might be a better Tesla, Elon Musk tries to look like an innovator.

Tesla has put two of its human-shaped robots to work. Solving one of Tesla's most pressing problems, employee lawsuits for abuse and harassment, perhaps the robots and the enormous support staff needed to get them working will be a better solution. There is nothing to see here beyond Tesla making noise and trying to show off some of the "innovation" its board of directors warns will leave with Elon if he can't have billions for these achievements. CyberTruck 2.0 has gotta have a leader, right?

If there's one good thing about this compensation package mess going on right now is that it almost looks like Tesla has a PR department again.

Sure, its raison d'etre is almost entirely about trying to get Elon Musk his $55 billion pay package back, but at least, they are putting some more information about Tesla out there in the process.

Tesla has been sending more communications than ever in the past few months, and they're almost entirely in the vein of "Elon is the greatest CEO of all time, and Tesla would have done very little without him."


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