Polls show Labour cruising to big win in UK elections, but both main parties are slipping in polls

The UK's governing Conservatives can count on only one in five voters to support them in next month's general election—a loss of about four percentage points over a brief yet unexpectedly repulsive campaign. The Labour party is now all but certain to win, polling at 41%—but has itself slipped a similar amount as voters find little form or function in "political robot" Keir Starmer. Rising to fill the emptyness are the Reform UK party on the far right, matching the Tories in one major poll that gives them 19% support (though the average is at 15%) and the Liberal Democrats, finally polling into the teens.

"Perhaps in focusing their attacks on each other both the Conservatives and Labour have paid too little attention to the potential challenge from the smaller parties," writes Sir John Curtice, professor of politics at University of Strathclyde.

I thought the "robot" jibe was about Starmer having no discernible beliefs or positions but the video below of him responding to a question really drives the point home. Better than the Tories, though!