German man defeats man in gorilla costume in annual English cheese-rolling race

For at least 200 years, the people of Gloucester, England have held an annual cheese-rolling race. Held annually on the Spring Bank Holiday, the event involves a 3-4 kilogram wheel of Double Gloucester Cheese being rolled 200 yards down a hill with hundreds of people chasing after it. The first person to cross the finish line — or catch the cheese — wins the cheese.

The event is known as a public safety hazard; the winner of last year's women's race claimed victory despite being knocked unconscious during the competition. That same year, six more cheese chasers were hospitalized.

The Guardian reported on this year's competition, writing:

The winner of the race was Tom, from Germany. "England is mad," he said. "I love it. I'm buzzing." An Australian, Dylan Twiss, won the second men's race, beating a Brit, Ollie – dressed as a gorilla, but losing his costume's head and feet on the way down. Ollie said he had gone into the sort of "flow state" you sometimes achieved in yoga during his rapid descent. When asked if he had any tactics, race winner Dylan said, "when I could get my feet down. Push".


A past winner, Abby Lampe, from North Carolina, won again when the [women's] race was re-started. Asked what her technique was, she said: "You just have to roll." She said she was feeling a little pain, "but it's going to be temporary". In second place was a woman in a union flag top who had taken a sickie off work to be there.

(The women's event hit a bit of a snag when one woman accidentally fell down the entire hill before the race officially began. She was not declared winner.)

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