Marjorie Taylor Greene and friends fall for fake SCOTUS barricades

Forget fake news; MAGA influencers go straight for fake barricades to protect their narrative fortress.

Marge fell hook, line, and sinker for fake news that the Supreme Court of the United States was erecting barricades and preparing to fend off an angry woke mob in advance of releasing their Presidential immunity ruling. Greene shared the fake claims and added some insight that the left will be unhappy about the ruling. She then quickly removed her commentary after the whole thing was disproven.

"BREAKING NEWS: A fence is being installed at the U.S. Supreme Court. The last time this happened was prior to the Roe v Wade decision," posted right-wing influencer @dom_lucre.

Greene was more explicit in her own speculation, although she eventually deleted her post after The Daily Beast published its report.

"This could be for the Presidential Immunity case later this week," Greene wrote, commenting on the right-wing @ImMeme0 account's post suggesting "the left is not going to like the ruling."

NBC News court reporter Daniel Barnes debunked Johnson's post shortly after it went up, showing a photograph taken of the court Monday evening that clearly showed no barriers had been set up.


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