McDonald's worker whips out gun and shoots at customers who complain about order (video)

A 22-year-old McDonald's employee in Florida was none too pleased with a drive-thru customer's complaint, so she responded the American way and whipped out her gun. She then went outside and pulled the trigger.

Fortunately, although her gunfire hit their car, it missed the people inside. (See video below, posted by Sky News.)

"What's becoming disturbing is us hearing more about these types of stories," said Orlando's former police chief Orlando Rolón, via the Independent. "I'm shocked that she had a weapon of that sort in a place such as a McDonald's as an employee."

But then again, it isn't so shocking, being that the fast food restaurant where the shooting took place is in Florida, where Gov. Ron DeSantis signed a law that allows employees to pack a pistol — openly or concealed — while they work. In fact, no gun permit or any training is required for said employees.

The shooter, Chassidy Gardner, has since been arrested and charged with aggravated assault.

From the Independent:

[Chassidy] Gardner was captured in surveillance footage throwing a drink at customers as they were leaving the drive-thru after an argument broke out over their order.

Two customers then got out of their vehicle, opened the drive-through window, and began throwing drinks at Gardner, who then pulled out a gun, the video shows.

Gardner was later seen in the footage walking outside of the drive-thru and shooting at the customers' vehicle. …

It is not clear if Gardner was legally allowed to have the gun in the McDonald's restaurant. A McDonald's employee handbook on the company's website does not address weapons inside restaurants.