NY Times spins positive economic news into anti-Biden hit piece

The New York Times just can't help itself. Even when faced with positive economic news, they find a way to twist it into a negative story about President Biden. Case in point: the latest U.S. unemployment report for April.

As The Guardian reported:

US adds 175,000 jobs in April in 40th straight month of gains as unemployment stays below 4% in longest such streak since 1953

But the Times? They chose to frame it as:

U.S. employers added 175,000 jobs in April, a downshift in the pace of hiring. The unemployment rate ticked up to 3.9 percent.

It's almost as if the Times is determined to portray every piece of news, no matter how objectively good, as a failure for the Biden administration. One has to wonder if this is just a continuation of their long history of downplaying threats from dictators, uncritically publishing right-wing propaganda, and normalizing Nazis.

The U.S. economy is experiencing a long streak of job growth and low unemployment. But apparently, that's not enough for the "paper of record." They'd rather nitpick and spin than give credit where it's due.