Passenger has advice for Air New Zealand after turbulence caused a hot coffee pot to scald her

An Air New Zealand passenger who was blocked in her seat by a drink cart was scalded by hot coffee during a sudden stretch of extreme turbulence.

The woman, identified as "Suze," told reporters that the domestic flight had been up in the air for only 15 minutes when the drink cart began making its way down the aisle. And when the cart stopped next to her seat, the plane suddenly jolted with such strong turbulence, one flight attendant flew up to the ceiling while the coffee pot sloshed its hot liquid all over her.

"There's nothing you can do. You're strapped in, you want to stay strapped in, there could be more turbulence, and then you've got to deal with the level of burns you've just received," she said, via Yahoo News. "It was actually pandemonium."

As luck would have it, a paramedic happened to be sitting right behind the scalded passenger and was able to help treat her, according to 1News.

Although Suze says the burns weren't too severe, she hopes Air New Zealand splurges for some better, safer coffee pots.

"It seemed to come loose pretty quickly and I think on long haul flights you see the coffee pots or hot water pots are all quite closed in," she said via 1News. "I mean the fact that the plunger lid came off pretty quickly and a large amount of hot liquid can escape, that is something that can be rectified pretty quickly."

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