Disney employees duped into costly Florida move, project canceled

As reported by Meg James for the Los Angeles Times, Disney employees were duped into selling their homes and moving to Florida, only for the company to cancel the project a year later.

Seems like a great story for a Pinocchio reboot: Return to Pleasure Island!

Honest Josh D'Amaro: Oh, Pinocchio, my dear boy! Have I got a golden opportunity for you! How would you like to move to the sunny paradise of Florida? Just imagine it—palm trees, tax credits, and a shiny new billion-dollar campus in Lake Nona!

Pinocchio: Gosh, Honest Josh, it sounds too good to be true. What about my home and job with you here in California?

Honest Josh: Oh, don't worry your little wooden head about that. Just sell it! You'll get a good price, and you'll have a fabulous new life in Florida. And let's be honest, you wouldn't want to lose your job, would you?

Pinocchio: But what if something goes wrong? What if the campus doesn't get built?

Honest Josh: Oh, stop being such a worrywart! The move is a sure thing. Bob and I are behind it, and we don't make promises we can't keep. We've even given you 90 whole days to decide. That's plenty of time!

Pinocchio: Well, if you say so, Honest Josh. I guess I'll sell my home and move.

[One year later]

Pinocchio: Honest Josh, you lied! The campus isn't happening, and I sold my family home! Now, I'm stuck in Florida with no campus and a house that's worth less than when I bought it!

Honest Josh: Oh, Pinocchio, you know how things go. "Considerable changes," "new leadership," "changing business conditions," and all that jazz. Disney had to pull the plug. But don't you worry; we'll figure something out for you.

Pinocchio: Something like what? My new house is so small, and I miss my old Los Angeles home. You tricked me! And your nose is a lot longer than it was last year. Believe me, I know what that means!

Honest Josh: Oh, come now, Pinocchio. It's not so bad. Look on the bright side; Disney's going to expand the parks anyway. Maybe you'll get a free pass to Magic Kingdom?

Pinocchio: I think I need a lawyer.

Honest John: Oh, lawsuits, schmawsuits! You're part of the Disney family, and families stick together. Actually, now that you have those unsightly donkey ears, you are an eyesore. Begone, foul pestilence!

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