Want to boost your productivity? Microsoft Office is less than $50!

TL;DR: Replace your Microsoft 365 subscription with a cost-effective lifetime license for Microsoft Office Pro 2021 for Windows. Add it directly to your cart to grab it while it's $49.97 (only until June 26!). 

As you might have noticed, a ton of apps have pivoted to subscription models instead of being able to buy the software outright. Most of these subscriptions, like Microsoft 365, come with perks like constant updates and expanded installations, but that doesn't hide the fact that you're basically renting something you used to be able to buy and own outright. Replace your Microsoft 365 subscription with a Microsoft Office 2021 lifetime license. 

Office 2021 comes with many of the same apps, and even if they're older versions, you still only end up paying for them once. If you've heard enough, you can check out now while the complete Microsoft Office Pro 2021 lifetime license is on sale for only $49.97!

Why Microsoft Office instead of Microsoft 365?

Microsoft 365 has some obvious benefits: you can install it on multiple devices. It also has the latest versions of all your apps. And if you love math (clearly, we do not), the monthly or yearly subscription fee means you always have a little more subtraction to do. 

So, let's get into why Microsoft Office 2021 is lightyears better than Microsoft 365. That one-time fee gets you Word, Excel, OneNote, PowerPoint, Outlook, Publisher, Access, and the free version of Teams. You can install each app on one PC. Once installed, they're yours for life!

If you're tired of essentially renting out your everyday productivity apps, it's time to make the switch. Go straight to checkout to make Microsoft Office 2021 yours and quit paying subscription fees!

You can use Office 2021's apps for work to impress your boss with your slide decks or at home to keep your summer spending in check. Plus, the lightweight hardware requirements mean you don't need a fancy computer to run all your go-to productivity tools.

Just have at least Windows 10 as your OS, 1GB of RAM, and 4GB of hard disk space so it installs seamlessly.

No more subscriptions

Give your spending budget a break. 

This deal is only available until June 26 at 11:59 PM Pacific, so if you don't want to miss out, toss this Microsoft Office Pro 2021 lifetime license for Windows to your cart and get it for $49.97.

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