Upgrade your PS4 controllers with USB-C ports

Like your PS4 controller but wish it had a USB-C connector? Say no more: Marius Heier makes tiny adapters to replace the easily-damaged originals for just $10. You must perform the surgery yourself; it's not too onerous, requiring only a small round file, a small flat file, and a Phillips screw driver, but precision handiness is called for. (I was alarmed when the video below commenced with a massive circular saw at work but it turned out to be a Harbor Freight preroll ad.)

This custom circuit board has the latest standard USB connector, USB-C. It replaces the original USB-micro circuit board in the PS4 controller. My kids and I have used my custom circuit boards for over a year. Thankfully, it does not break the way the original USB-micro connector does. USB-C connector is orientation less. It fits no matter the direction you plug the cable in.

Here's a video guide to installation:

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