1986 promo reel for Cannon Group films, some of which were actually made

Enjoy this taster of what legendary B-movie house Cannon Group had in store for '86. What I love about it is that I can't remember which of these movies were real and which were pure hokum. But many were produced—perhaps with different actors or directors. One of them, Street Smart, was nominated for an Oscar. These Schrodinger's Cat productions give the reel, and others like it, the uncertain quality of being between worlds.

If there was a "Liminal Space Alignment Chart" similar to the famous "Sandwich Alignment Chart" I think this reel deserves a spot on it. (Ingredient Rebel, Structure Rebel: Cannon Group Films' Business Model is a Liminal Space) What is the contemporary "liminal" space, anyway? Hauntology disappearing into the flume pipes and coming out the other end wherever you were scared or ready.

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