Golden retriever politely waits in line at coffee truck, then orders himself a pup cup (video)

Every week, a golden retriever named Charlie peeks out his Charlotte, North Carolina window until the Sunday coffee truck rolls in and parks across the street. He then runs outside and waits in line.

"Woof," he politely barks when it's his turn to order.

And after serving this four-legged customer for a year now, the mobile barista has no problem translating Charlie's "I'll take the usual" order. One pup cup coming up! (See both videos below, posted by Haley Dwyer.)

And for those who aren't familiar with the doggone tasty treat, your typical pup cup is an espresso cup filled with either whipped cream or vanilla ice cream. Yum!


Replying to @Blue skies One bite… everyone knows the rules🫶🏼

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Via Newsweek
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