Hola, Bonjour, Hallo! Learn a new language and some handy skills with this bundle

TL;DR: Access a lifetime of learning with the Unlimited Learning Bundle, an e-learning resource featuring Rosetta Stone and StackSkills. You can grab it for $179.97 (reg. $849) using code ROSETTA10!

  • Two learning resources: Rosetta Stone for learning a new language and StackSkills for gaining proficiency in professional or personal skills
  • Lifetime access to both platforms so you can learn at your own pace for life
  • Master a new language (or up to 25, but only one at a time!) with Rosetta Stone's immersive lessons that teach you practical conversational skills like ordering food, asking for directions, etc.
  • TruAccent™ speech recognition technology so you can get help with pronouncing words in your new language flawlessly
  • Explore courses on technology, business, personal development, creative arts, and more with StackSkills Unlimited's library of lessons
  • Benefit from engaging and interactive courses taught by industry experts and experienced professionals, ensuring high-quality education
  • Unlimited Learning Bundle: perfect for anyone who loves learning new items, wants to build language skills for an international trip, or gain knowledge to impress future employers

Expand your knowledge and skills with the Unlimited Learning Bundle, which features lifetime access to Rosetta Stone and StackSkills Unlimited. It's price-dropped to $179.97 if you enter code ROSETTA10 at checkout!

StackSocial prices subject to change.   

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