Scorned girlfriend tries to sue boyfriend over ghosting her airport ride

A New Zealand woman claimed her boyfriend had agreed to drive her to the airport for a concert trip with friends and take care of her dogs while she was away. When he ghosted her on the day of the flight, she missed it and had to shell out for a new ticket, a shuttle ride, and kennel fees. She took him to the New Zealand Disputes Tribunal, demanding compensation for this betrayal.

But the tribunal threw out the case, saying it her boyfriend's promise wasn't a real contract, reports NBC News. Tribunal referee Krysia Cowie explained that for a promise to be legally binding, there needs to be a clear intention to create a legally enforceable relationship. In other words, just because your boyfriend says he'll do something, it doesn't mean you can take him to court if he flakes. According to Cowie, these promises fall under the "normal give and take in an intimate relationship," not a legally binding agreement.

The boyfriend, by the way, didn't even bother to show up for the tribunal hearing.

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