Biden is a drugger, says Fox News — and will go to debate "jacked up" on, er, "Mountain Dew" (video)

Fox News and its investigative MAGA team have discovered that President Biden is "experimenting" with drugs this week, and warn viewers that he will most likely appear on the debate stage "jacked up" on [gasp!] Mountain Dew. Yes, you read that right. Mountain Dew. (See video below, posted by Really American.)

"They're probably experimenting with getting doses right," Faux host Maria Bartiromo told Rep. Eric Burlison with a straight face, insinuating that the Biden campaign was hunkered down in a lab at Camp David for a week, concocting a secret potion to enhance the president's performance ahead of Thursday's debate.

To which the Qongressman gravely replied, "Trump's team should not underestimate Joe Biden and his team's ability to…jack him up on Mountain Dew, or whatever it is."

To prove his point that Dark Brandon is surreptitiously imbibing doses of caffeine, Burlison then pointed to the State of the Union, where Biden "had a lot of energy for about an hour – an hour or an hour and a half." Well there you have it, folks. Biden is a soda pop user. What next?

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