Police arrest entire Bakersfield, CA chapter of the Hells Angels

Kern County law enforcement arrested the entire Bakersfield chapter of the Hells Angels on Tuesday, including its president and vice-president. The early morning raid, involving over 150 personnel from multiple agencies, targeted seven individuals linked to violent crimes and gang activity.

The operation, spearheaded by the ATF, Kern County Sheriff's Office, and California Highway Patrol, resulted in the seizure of an impressive arsenal: 25 firearms, ammunition, high-capacity magazines, and gang paraphernalia. The arrests included five active Hells Angels members and two from the Sons of Hell.

The suspects face a laundry list of charges, including kidnapping, robbery, criminal threats, and elder abuse.

Not gonna lie, that T-shirt quilt in the last photo below is pretty sweet!

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(All photos provided by Kern County Sheriff's Office – Public Information Officer)