The best place to hide a small safe in your home

If you keep a handgun in your house or have items that you want to protect from a smash-and-grab burglar, you might want to buy a small safe. In this video, a locksmith shows you some of the best places to hide a safe.

He explains that most burglars stay in a house for just eight to ten minutes. They focus on bedrooms and bedroom closets, so don't hide a safe there. He also said not to hide one under the stairwell because so many people already do, and burglars look there.

His favorite place to hide a safe is in the pantry because it's one of the last places burglars look. He also says the laundry room is a good place, especially under the sink.

Of course, if this video gets popular, then burglars will start to look there too. As one YouTuber commented, "Before I burglarize any house, I always check YouTube to see the latest hiding locations for safes."

My favorite advice from the comments: "To make it extra safe, buy two safes and use one of them as a decoy safe. Put the decoy in an obvious spot and put heavy stones inside to make it hard for the thief so he's less likely to come looking for more."

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