7 unusual hacks to beat summer heatwaves

TL;DR: Beat the summer heat with quirky hacks like freezing your lotion, making homemade slushies, and dressing your bed with bamboo bedsheets!

Wow! You sure look hot. While we're sure you got the smokin' hot outfits to match, we're talking about this heat. Shedding off layers of clothes can only help so much and, unless you're lucky enough to have central air conditioning, you're going to have to sweat out this heatwave with the rest of us.

We compiled a few (sort of atypical) hacks for beating the heat together so we can all make it through this summer:

1. Put your underwear and socks in the freezer

Clean ones, people, clean ones! Throw in a pair next to your frozen pizzas and ice cream tubs and slip them on when the temperatures are scorching for an instant chill that will cool you down from head to toe. 

It's a little crazy of a hack, but it works wonders when the heat index gets into the triple digits. You'll be putting your friends onto this one in no time.

2. DIY air conditioner

No central air? No problem! Grab a fan, a cooler (a bowl works too), and some ice packs. Place the ice packs in the cooler and position the fan to blow over the ice. Voilà! You've got a bool breeze blowing right toward your sweaty face. 

Pro tip: Keep tons of extra ice on deck since it's probably going to melt fast in your apartment. And cordless fans are extra clutch if you're building the setup in your bed for when you're binging movies.

3. Dress your bed for the weather

There's nothing worse than trying to sleep when there's sweat collecting on your neck and upper lip. Tossing and turning all night, or sticking one leg out from under the covers, is basically a nightmare.

Bamboo bedsheets are perfect for summer sleeping since they wick moisture and keep you cool through the night. These are only $38.99 for a 6-piece set (normally $99.99)!

Just like the underwear and sock hack, you could also stick one of these bamboo pillowcases into your freezer an hour before bed for an icy cool oasis as you drift off to sleep!

4. Homemade slushies

Why settle for plain old ice water when you can whip up a homemade slushie like you're at the poolside? Blend ice, fruit juice, and a bit of sugar for a refreshing treat that's both tasty and cooling. Experiment with different flavors, adding fresh fruit pieces for an extra kick. Not only are slushies delicious, but they also help lower your body temperature from the inside out. 

Or, better yet, make them boozy. Frozen margaritas and daiquiris always hit harder when it's hot outside, and they always taste better when you make them at home (because they don't cost $20+!). 

5. Eat spicy foods

It probably sounds counterintuitive, but eating something like Nashville Hot Chicken or Flamin' Hot Cheetos can actually help you cool down. Spicy foods make you sweat (which, let's be real, you're already sweating), and as the sweat evaporates, your body temperature drops. It's a natural cooling mechanism!

Try munching on some spicy salsa or a hot curry, but maybe have an icy cool drink to wash it down. Like a homemade slushie from hack four!

6. Freeze your lotion

Everything is coming back to the freezer, because it's the coolest place in your home (literally). Really, you could stick any of your garments or topicals in there for a refreshment, but a body lotion is great. Pop it in and apply it later on for an instant cool-down. It's like an all-over ice pack that you can use on a hot day, or even for after-sun care. We also love this hack for aloe vera!

7. Herbal foot bath

You've heard of cold showers, but they don't give you the most pleasant experience in the world. Who wants to stand under a cold stream of water for longer than 30 seconds? But when we're talking about just your feet? Yes please!

Fill a tub with cold water and add a few sprigs of mint or lavender, or some essential oil. This is totally optional, but it does make the experience quite a bit more fancy. Soak your feet for a refreshing treat that cools you down and relaxes your senses. It's like a spa day right in your living room, with the added bonus of beating the heat.

Give some of these hacks a try next time the temperatures are scorching! Stay tuned for the next round-up.

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