UK exit poll suggests Labour landslide

The first exit polls in the UK's general election suggest the Labour Party will win by a huge landslide, taking 410 seats in parliament. The Conservative Party, according to the unofficial poll, will take only 131 seats, with Liberal Democrats on 61 and Reform with 13. This would give Labour a 170-seat majority—more than enough to get anything it wants done, but not quite so large as Tony Blair's 1997 landslide and not the Tory annihilation some had hoped for after 14 years of austerity, Brexit and party infighting.

Both the Tory party's share of the vote and seat tally could be the lowest in the party's history.

The party's final seat tally may have been hit by rising support for Reform UK, which is forecast to win 13 seats – though their final tally is highly uncertain.

The Lib Dems have performed especially well in seats where they started second to the Conservatives, particularly those they held up until 2015.

As frustrating as it was watching enthusiasm wane as the nation got to know Keir Starmer—Labour slipped some 5 points in polls over the course of an election campaign even with a total shambles on the right— I'll take it!

Here's the full poll:

Labour: 410
Conservatives: 131
Liberal Democrats: 61
Reform UK: 13
SNP: 10
Plaid Cymru: 4
Green Party: 2
Other: 19