Hit the green without putting on sunscreen or even leaving your living room with this nifty golf gadget

TL;DR: Perfect your putt without braving the heat with the open-box Phigolf World Tour Edition sensor that lets you play on over 38,000 actual golf courses for just $159.97 down from $249!

When it's nearing 100 degrees outside, not even a game of golf can get you to leave your comfortable air-conditioned abode. But just because the weather isn't ideal doesn't mean you should sacrifice your form on the golf course. That's where this at-home sensor comes into play, allowing you to perfect your putt without even leaving your living room or putting on real pants.

The open-box PhiGolf World Tour Edition special sensor helps golfers of all experience levels become better at the game without leaving the comforts of home. Paired with the popular Phigolf simulator app, the sensor lets you play on golf courses that actually exist. You can choose to play by yourself or compete with other players online, helping you to become the best golfer you can when hitting the green simply isn't an option.

With access to over 38,000 real golf courses around the world, you'll have the chance to familiarize yourself with their layouts, giving you an advantage when you play those courses in person. The revolutionary 9-axis motion sensor gives you the opportunity to focus on your weak points, providing you with a full analysis of your swing, putt, and more. Plus, the included weighted training stick holds a similar weight to a real club, giving you the most realistic experience possible.

The way PhiGolf works is simple. The sensor connects to the PhiGolf app on your phone or tablet by way of Bluetooth. From there, you can view the app on your TV with a mirroring device, like Apple TV or Chromecast, or you can just connect it with an HDMI cable.

Wondering what "open-box" means? Usually considered excess inventory, open-box items like this one may or may not have come into contact with a customer, so its packaging may show signs of wear. However, the sensor itself has been deemed in great condition with 100% battery health.

Start swinging with the A/C on full blast thanks to the open-box PhiGolf World Tour Edition special sensor, now just $169.99!

The open-box PhiGolf World Tour Edition special sensor gives you access to 38,000 virtual golf courses for just $159.97, but hurry this best price on the web is only available until 11:59pm PST 7/21. 

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