Sony winding down production of recordable Blu-ray discs

Finding recordable Blu-Ray discs might soon get tougher, as Sony is reportedly ending consumer production. They'll still be made for business partners.

A recent report indicated that Sony plans to cut up to 250 jobs at its optical media plant, offering workers early retirement in preparation for phasing out its recordable disc production. The company has now confirmed this when it said in an interview with AV Watch that it would cease the development and production of recordable optical media discs, including Blu-ray. Furthermore, the Sony representative said, "We are not considering moving overseas," signaling the beginning of the end of recordable Blu-ray discs for consumers.

If you use Blu-ray to archive your data, you need to start purchasing recordable BD while supplies last.

In practice this will just make them more expensive as smaller runs from licensors take up whatever slack is left; it's not like you can't buy floppies.