A list of the terrible things Project 2025 has in store for us

As convicted felon Donald Trump and his favorite ghoul, Stephen Miller, try to distance themselves from Project 2025, it remains the best source of Republican national policies for voters to consider.

Media Matters has a deep dive into the Project 2025 plan, which we've shared before and probably will again. Project 2025 seeks to turn the United States into a religious fascism while inflicting as much pain on the folks they've determined to be "others" as possible. The campaign thus far has not been about any candidate's policies or plans for America. Republicans are voting for a racist, rapist, convicted felon, and fraud because they like his personality. The media tells us Democrats are all very worried about Joe Biden's age. At no point is the stark difference between the Biden/Harris campaigns' message of working for the people being posed against Donald Trump's touted plan to exact revenge on everyone and anyone not a large enough donor.

Project 2025, a comprehensive transition plan organized by right-wing think tank The Heritage Foundation to guide the next GOP presidential administration, is the conservative movement's most robust policy and staffing proposal for a potential second Trump White House — and its extreme agenda represents a threat to democracy, civil rights, the climate, and more.

Project 2025 focuses on packing the next GOP administration with extreme loyalists to former President Donald Trump.

The plan aims to reinstate Schedule F, a Trump-era executive order that makes federal employees fireable at-will, stripping tens of thousands of employees of civil service protections. Both Trump and others in the conservative movement have said they will clear out the federal government if he is reelected. The project has even set up online trainings and loyalty tests to narrow down potential hires to those who will commit to follow Trump without question. As Project 2025 senior adviser John McEntee has said, "The number one thing you're looking for is people that are aligned with the agenda."

Media Matters

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