I am not eligible to be a wombat walker, and I am heartbroken

The Australian island of Tasmania is a bit chilly in the winter, with highs between 3 and 11 degrees Celsius, or 37 and 51 degrees Fahrenheit. Tourism Tasmania has created some odd jobs to encourage off-season travel. Among them is Wombat Walker, which has the best job posting I have ever seen. Responsibilities include:

Coax them out of bed to get them moving; our wombats would sometimes rather have a sleep-in.

Encourage them with praise and pep talks, motivating them to complete their morning walks.

Guide and keep them on track; our wombats can be adventurous and sometimes wander off.

Ensure decorum and good behaviour. No chasing birds or distracting the other animals.

Keep them fuelled on the journey with their favourite snacks so they don't get puffed out.

At this wildlife sanctuary, you get to have a closer interaction with a wombat than you would in the wild. After you leave East Coast Natureworld, ensure you keep a safe distance from your new mates.

Tourism Tasmania

Tragically, but predictably, the jobs are only open to residents of Australia. I would love to know how many applications they get for this "job."  I mean, look at this wombat. Just look at them! 


Don't boop the wombats, but we can't help it if they boop your camera 😉 🎥 IG/burns_nz

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Other odd jobs include Cave Conductor, where you make music in a cave with a local musician; Truffle Snuffler, which is working with a truffle-sniffing dog to root out the prized fungus; and Puffer Nut, which involves trains, not fish. Wombat Walker is the best job among these offerings, and I am off to research "How to obtain Australian citizenship."


Replying to @jennncharlie – THE best thing ever! Swap your day job for an Odd Job in Tasmania. Apply and view all Odd Jobs via the link in our bio. @Josh Thomas

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