Ice cream truck washed out to sea (video)

A Sky News article reports an unusual seaside incident where an ice cream truck was swept out to sea at Harlyn Bay near Padstow, Cornwall on Sunday afternoon. Videos posted on social media captured the dramatic scene as the Kelly Whip van was tossed about by incoming waves.

Richard Higman, who filmed the incident, told Sky News: "The driver had apparently off-loaded the ice cream, when the tide came in over the van and swamped it." He added, "A load of people on the beach got a rope and tried pulling it and got nowhere."

Fortunately, no injuries were reported. The Padstow Coastguard stated, "The driver was safe and well and not in the vehicle," and confirmed that crew members and RNLI lifeguards were dispatched "to ensure the safety of those involved."

As the tide receded, "a farmer went down with his tractor and put a rope on it and towed it up the beach," Higman explained. The Coastguard reported the van was finally recovered around 9:45 PM.

The unusual sight prompted amusement on social media. Sky News noted that one Facebook user quipped this must be "how they make salted caramel" ice cream.

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