Pop singer Avril Lavigne knighted in the Order of Canada

Canadian pop singer Avril Lavigne has been formally inducted into the Order of Canada, the second-highest hono(u)r in the Canadian state's Order of Merit.

The Order of Canada was created to celebrate the hundredth anniversary of the Canadian Confederation in 1967, under the guidance of Queen Elizabeth II, who was then the reigning monarch of last remaining British commonwealth on the North American continent. As I understand it from a brief glimpse of Wikipedia, Elizabeth was tired of bestowing traditional British hono(u)rs upon Canadians and told them to get them to get their own thing.

Which they did, and it was Avril Lavigne. From the official Canadian website:

Avril Lavigne is one of the best-selling female artists of all time. With over 50 million albums sold worldwide, she paved the way for female-driven punk-rock music and continues to do so today. Generous with her time, she supports individuals with serious illnesses, disabilities and Lyme disease through the Avril Lavigne Foundation. A global ambassador for Special Olympics, she promotes inclusion and helps end the stigma around intellectual disabilities.

At press time, Sir Sk8r Boi was not available for comment.

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