Trump is signaling to the violent MAGAs again

In ever more frantic fundraising emails, convicted felon Donald Trump has begun to echo his riling up of the January 6th rioters.

Running on a platform of hatred and revenge, the Republican frontrunner for President Donald Trump is once again whipping his adherents into a rage. Regardless of his intent to raise funds, mostly to cover his mounting legal bills, the impact of his crazed messaging is to drive his MAGAs into an insane and vengeful rage.

The Washington Post reported in June that Trump has been sending increasingly manic messages to supporters as a way of ginning up fundraising, such as one email that read, "1 MONTH UNTIL ALL HELL BREAKS LOOSE! THEY WANT TO SENTENCE ME TO DEATH."

The email in question was about Trump's sentencing, which was scheduled for July 11, but was delayed pending Trump's appeal in the wake of the Supreme Court ruling.

Still, Trump claimed he was headed to the "GUILLOTINE," which he also wrote in all capital letters.

"BREAKING FROM TRUMP: JUSTICE IS DEAD IN AMERICA!" another of Trump's emails read. "Their sick & twisted goal is simple: Pervert the justice system against me so much, that proud supporters like YOU will SPIT when you hear my name. NOW IT'S TIME FOR ME & YOU TO SHOVE IT BACK IN THEIR CORRUPT FACES!"

The Post wrote that many of his emails are similar to Trump's tweet calling for his followers to come to the Jan. 6 rally in 2021: "Be there, will be wild!"


However, it is surprising that Trump spelled "GUILLOTINE" correctly. Remember when the Orange Menace told the MAGAts, "Proud Boys, stand back and stand by?"

Everyone should be aware, however, that Joe Biden holds hands with Jill.

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