Evangelical pastor allegedly attacks wife on Alaska Airlines flight because she got upgraded to first class

An evangelical pastor from Virginia allegedly attacked his wife on an Alaska Airlines flight from Seattle to Anchorage after she was upgraded to first class, leaving him behind in coach. The religious gentleman was then greeted by police upon landing, who arrested him on federal charges.

The angry outburst on July 2 began with 75-year-old Roger Allan Holmberg verbally abusing his wife and flipping her off in front of "a cabinful of horrified travelers," according to The Independent. "How the hell did you get the upgrade?" he snarled.

"I'm [a] gold point member," said his 59-year-old wife, whose name is being withheld for the sake of privacy. "Don't speak to me like that." From there it only got worse.

From The Independent:

During the second interaction, Holmberg walked up to his wife and handed her his phone, told her to read what was on the screen, "then gave [her] the finger," the complaints says.

When Holmberg went back for a third confrontation, he "pushed in front of" his wife's seatmate "and attempted to swing his arm towards [the] victim," according to the complaint. The seatmate "leaned forward to block the attempted strike, but [Holmberg] still appeared to strike the top of victim's head with his hand," the complaint goes on, noting that Holmberg's wife later said he'd roughed her up in the past, and that one confrontation had left her with a broken finger.

An off-duty police officer sitting one row in front of Holmberg's wife noticed "a disturbance" between her and Holmberg, and heard Holmberg's wife tell him, "You cannot be doing that," according to the complaint.

The officer soon came to realize that Holmberg had struck his wife in the head, after which he headed for the first class lavatory, the complaint states. It says that when Holmberg emerged from the bathroom, the cop told Holmberg that "if there were any further incidents, we would put him in handcuffs." Holmberg " stopped his disruptions at this point," says the complaint. …

Holmberg claimed he was "upset" about his wife's upgrade to first class "because he wanted his wife to travel with him and sit next to him," according to the complaint. 

Holmberg's wife told police that the Christian preacher "had a history of abusing her," and had "struck her in the head with the back of his knuckles" on the plane.

Holmberg was "transported to the Anchorage Correctional Center to await his arraignment" and could face up to a year in prison if convicted.

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