Missouri's Josh Hawley runs on Christian fascism

Renowned sprinter and United States Senator from the State of Missouri Josh Hawley has doubled down on "Christian Nationalism" as his path.

Fist-pumping in solidarity with traitors before running in fear as they stormed the Capitol was not enough for Missouri's Josh Hawley. Monday, Hawley went all in with "Christian Nationalism" as his platform. Attempting to alienate everyone not a Christian and many who are, the Senator declared his dedication to this disgusting idea both at a speaking engagement and then repeated it online.

"Some will say I'm calling America a Christian nation. And so I am. Some will say I'm advocating Christian nationalism. And so I do. My question is – is there any other kind worth having?" Senator Hawley said at "NatCon 4," the National Conservatism conference being held in Washington, D.C., this week (video below), as reported by Semafor's David Weigel.

Sen. Hawley, not backing down, promoted his remarks by reposting them on social media.

Senator Hawley told attendees at the far-right conference, "Christian nationalism founded American democracy.. the Christian political tradition is our political tradition," Weigel also reported.

"They want the religion of the pride flag. We want the religion of the Bible. I have a suggestion: Why don't we take down the trans flag from all the federal buildings from which it's flying, and instead, inscribe on every federal building our national motto: In God We Trust?" Hawley also reportedly said.


Hawley is best known for a video of him running for his life from the mob on January 6th. A mob he now represents as peaceful tourists.

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