Save $39 on this unique and innovative vertical vinyl record player

TL;DR: Embrace the past and the future with Fuse Wrap's innovative and cool vertical vinyl record player for only $169.99 (Reg. $209), saving $39.

Step into the future without letting go of the past. If you love a bit of nostalgia with your technology, this vertical vinyl record player couldn't be more perfect and is absolutely a must-have.

This sleek, vertical masterpiece from Fuse Wrap is made of real ash wood with a fabric wrap that highlights mid-century modern sophistication. You're gonna love streaming your vinyls wirelessly through Bluetooth to any speaker while enjoying a minimalist, space-saving, and unique design.

But the Fuse Wrap doesn't stop at vinyl. It's a multi-functional marvel, featuring FM radio and an alarm clock. The premium Fuse Audio cartridge guarantees premium sound quality, and its twin speakers fill your space with rich, immersive audio.

Plus, with Aux-In and Line-Out ports, you can hook up a variety of devices and seamlessly integrate it into your current sound system. This is where timeless design beautifully melds with the latest tech, creating an elegant and nostalgic experience you will return to again and again. Not to mention, your guests will ooh and aah over it every time. And who doesn't love wowing their friends and family?

Transform your vinyl listening experience today.

Make the Fuse Wrap vertical vinyl record player yours for only $169.99 (Reg. $209), saving $39.

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