Target will no longer accept personal checks

Retailer Target will soon no longer accept personal checks at the checkout. Shoppers who attempt to pay with one will be subdued and chained to a large red concrete ball as a warning to the others.

In a statement to NBC News, the retail giant said it was committed to creating an easy and convenient checkout experience — but that due to "extremely low volumes," it would no longer take personal checks starting July 15.

It said it has taken several measures to notify guests in advance of the move. It will still accept cash; digital wallet payments like Apple Pay; SNAP/EBT; buy now, pay later services; and credit and debit cards

Checks are "extremely low volume," NBC news reports. There's some muttering in there about shoplifting but the real reason is plainly stated. Lurking behind it are some hidden costs: checks are physically time-consuming to deal with, ACH settlement fees, new checkout equipment is coming, etc.

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