Cop punches woman in face, then arrests her to retroactively justify it

When Adriana Hernández tried to return to her burning house to help rescue her parents, a Huntington Park police officer punched her in the face and then arrested her to justify it. Fortunately for Hernández, the attack was caught on camera and the incident is now under "administrative review." Fox 11 out of Los Angeles has the clip.

Captured in a cell phone video, Adriana can be seen trying to run towards her father amidst the chaos in Huntington Park. Officers quickly blocked her path. A bystander yells, "Hey, hey, hey! She lives here." Suddenly, a female officer punches Adriana in the face. … Neighbors and officers tried to intervene. According to Adriana, one officer apologized for the female officer's actions but later denied being present during the incident. Following the assault, Adriana was told she was being arrested. 

Hernández's parents survived the blaze, but she was charged with a felony. The department issued a statement after the video emerged.

"The incident is under administrative review to determine the full facts and circumstances resulting in the use of force to ensure compliance with department policy."