Nikki Haley asks her delegates to vote Trump

Former South Carolina Gov. Nikki Haley's capitulation is complete; she is standing behind the "reckless" and "disgusting" Donald Trump, supporting the man who called her "birdbrain" and attacked her husband's military service.

Haley, who produced the only real Republican opposition to a now convicted felon, adjudicated rapist, and real estate fraudster Donald Trump's candidacy for President, is asking her delegates to vote for Trump. It makes no difference; the Republicans lined up behind their Emperor regardless of the long list of things about Trump that'd disqualify any other candidate. Haley had already endorsed Trump, so this is just paperwork.

For Haley, this is the final step down a descending staircase of self-abasement and humiliation. 

The move comes just over a month after Haley endorsed the man she had called "unstable and unhinged." Which came after she suspended her campaign while refusing to endorse Trump.  Which came after she lost her home state but vowed she was staying in the race. Which came after Trump threatened to blacklist Haley donors and supporters. 

Now Haley's voters, who continued to cling to her name as a symbol of their dislike for Trump even after Haley officially suspended her campaign, are finding that Haley's tough talk about Trump has vanished. They're getting confirmation that being a Republican in 2024 means supporting Trump. And nothing else.


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